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Translation is so much more than just a simple conversion process; it is a complex and specialised task. To translate well demands a precise combination of linguistic expertise, contextual knowledge and research, as well as elegant and idiomatic writing that gets your message across in a way that is effective, targeted and natural. It’s a responsibility that should only be entrusted to a qualified professional, and the best translator for any text is one who truly understands its context and purpose.

Translation is crucial to international communication, collaboration and commerce, and your choice of translator can have a big impact on your international reach and reputation.  As well as deep and extensive specialist knowledge, Tinta Viva gives you the kind of flexibility and swift personal attention that smoothly responds  to your specific needs, without charging exorbitant fees. 

Although my particular specialisms lie in the social sciences, I am fairly versatile and very willing to delve into a wide range of subject areas. Just some of the areas covered by my recent work include social entrepreneurship, aviation, IT systems, indigenous rights and child development. I will never take on a project outside of my own specialisms if I feel it requires a translator with very specific training in a different area of expertise, which is why I like to know as much as possible about the text to be translated before I begin.

I strive to take a considered, holistic and principled approach to my work that is discernible in everything that Tinta Viva does. I will work on your project myself, from start to finish; I never subcontract work. This means that you will have a single, easily reachable and informed point of contact throughout the entire process, and the translation itself will be cohesive, consistent and fluid.

You will have my direct office line and a mobile number, so you will almost always be able to reach me between 8.30 am and 6.30 pm, Monday to Saturday. Tinta Viva prices include consultation time, so if there is any aspect of the project that you would like to talk over, it won’t push up the cost. Also included is all research time – I actually love research, because solid research means perfect confidence in the finished work, and it allows me to explore all sorts of intriguing subjects.

I usually work with SDL Trados Studio, but I am happy to use other CAT tools and client-provided term bases and glossaries if preferred. I accept texts in all formats, from nice and easy Word documents and PDFs to handwritten manuscripts and even audio files. And you can rest assured that all of the information you entrust to me is in safe hands – I am meticulous about data security and client confidentiality.

I want you to be delighted with my work and it’s important that the final translation is a perfect fit, so please do not hesitate to discuss any special requirements with me.


  • Social Sciences
  • International Development
  • City Planning and Urban Design
  • Urban Policy and Regeneration
  • Social Policy and Research
  • Environmental Policy and Sustainability
  • Ecology and Conservation
  • General Business and Commercial
  • Journalism and Literature
  • Personal, Family and Leisure


Tinta Viva also offers English-language proof-reading, for all kinds of texts other than the highly technical. No matter how careful we think we are, it is very difficult to see our own writing objectively, and the brain tends to skip over what it doesn’t want to see. Errors and typos can easily slip in when we’re focussing hard on what we want to say. Translators are writers first and foremost, and like all linguists, we tend to be a bit fastidious when it comes to grammar and syntax, so who better to check and correct your work? Not a native speaker? No problem; I specialise in editing non-native English and will help make sure your writing is error-free, natural and appropriate for its intended readership. Please email me to check availability or give me a call to discuss your requirements further.


Good translation can be expensive, but if you are trying to address a social or environmental problem or to publicise an important cause, it can be crucial to the effective transmission of your message. I find that making time alongside my commercial projects for some pro bono to be highly rewarding; it allows me to learn about some wonderful initiatives all over the world while making myself useful, all while doing what I love. As well as one-off projects for international organizations including UNDP and Acción Ecológica, I’m very proud to have been taken on recently as a regular volunteer for Ashoka, the social enterprise network and NGO, and Equidad Para la Infancia, which campaigns for children’s rights and social justice issues across Latin America. If you have a deserving project that could use a helping hand in the form of free professional translation or revision, please get in touch using the contact form.

Still have questions? Take a look at my FAQs, or just ask me! You can also download my full Terms of Service; it’s not the most exciting thing you’ll read this week, but it does tell you everything you need to know about working with me.

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