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The pieces in this portfolio have been specially selected to demonstrate the kinds of texts which I love to work on, and the kinds of subject areas in which Tinta Viva Translation excels. Every translation brings new challenges and opportunities to learn, but I’ve never met one yet that I didn’t thoroughly enjoy. I hope you enjoy looking through these samples of my work.

These texts are translations that I have completed purely for illustrative purposes; these are all texts which are either out of copyright or published in the public domain under a Creative Commons licence or similar. In all cases, the source text spelling and punctuation reflects that of the original text as published. Translator’s Notes have been provided where additional information is necessary or helpful for the English-language reader.

The sample is just that: a sample. Tinta Viva Translation works on a wide variety of texts, so whatever your specific needs might be, please just send me an email or give me a call and tell me about your project; if it sits within a specialism that I do not routinely work in, I will let you know. For all of my new clients I am very happy to provide a short test translation, free of charge, to help you decide if I am the right translator for the job.

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