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Tinta Viva is an independent Spanish and French to English translation studio based in the UK, specialising in business and marketing, social sciences, public policy and research, urban planning and regeneration, international development and the environment. Tinta Viva also offers literary translation and translation of personal and family documents. Tinta Viva Translation is run by me, Ruth Grant, from my Oxfordshire office, but I work with clients from all over the world.

Tinta Viva is dedicated to providing translations that are intelligent, targeted and precise, beautifully and naturally written, that don’t feel like translations at all. Tuned to the needs of small businesses, organisations and individuals requiring quality work on texts which may be complex or unique, Tinta Viva combines extensive specialist knowledge with sound linguistic and writing skills to ensure that the calibre of the translation reflects the essence and tone of your original work. Offering transparent and competitive rates and the kind of swift, effective and personal service that is only possible when you work directly with an independent professional, I aim to ensure that working with Tinta Viva is refreshingly hassle-free.


Tinta Viva works with individuals, companies, NGOs and international organisations on a wide range of projects, including books, journal articles, academic papers, conference submissions, theses, research reports, policy documents, press releases, funding applications, presentations, training materials, project reports, market analyses, website copy and personal documents such as letters, memoirs, family records and certificates. Tinta Viva also offers a revision service, if you have an existing translation that could do with a polish, and English-language proofreading for all kinds of text. Please take a look around to find out more, or get in touch – I’ll be very happy to hear from you.


As well as being a qualified translator and linguist, I have extensive academic training in the social sciences.


Intelligent, insightful and precise translation, written with style? Use a human, not a computer or a committee.


You’ll deal directly with me and only me – that’s good for textual coherence, and the smooth running of your project.


I like things to be fair and simple; that means a quick, no-commitment quotation based on a clear and consistent fee structure.


Registered charity? I offer a non-profit discount of 10% to help out with the budget and keep that goodwill flowing.


I want you to be delighted with my work, and so my work comes with a guarantee: accurate, on point and on time – or free.

If you have a translation or proofreading project, please get in touch, or take a look around the website to find out more.


After a bit of a break, Tinta Viva Translation is back for 2023! I’d like to wish all of my lovely clients, colleagues and partners a healthy, happy and productive new year.


ISO 17100:2015 Update

I am very pleased to announce that I have been awarded ISO 17100:2015-qualified status by the Institute of Translation and Interpreting – so clients can be confident that my experience and expertise has been assessed and found to meet the highest standards of professional practice. Trust is vital in any aspect of communication, and I am thrilled to be able to offer this additional mark of assurance.

2021-22 CPD Target Achieved

As a translator and editor, I work constantly to deepen my specialist knowledge and keep my core skills sharp. I’m delighted to have achieved my ITI CPD Certificate for 2021/22, having chalked up 73 hours of learning and professional development this calendar year. Highlights included two excellent online conferences, and gaining my HubSpot Content Writer’s Certificate.


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